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Fitted Kitchens

It makes sense to invest in the most used rooms in your home. Your kitchen is where you cook, eat, chat with friends, do the homework etc. At BDF Carpentry, the team offers a full kitchen design and installation service. All kitchens are designed to fit seamlessly in your home. Choose from a whole range of materials and finishes. Whether you want something traditional or contemporary, BDF Carpentry can provide the solution.

Based in Dublin 2, BDF Carpentry work with both commercial and domestic clients, designing kitchens of all sizes. The team only use high quality materials, sourced from the most reliable suppliers. Whether you have a kitchen design in mind, or you are looking for some inspiration, the team are on hand to help. BDF Carpentry are more than happy to look at your drawings or designs.


BDF Carpentry can help you design and install the kitchen of your dreams. For a free quote call

Choosing a Kitchen

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a kitchen. This is an investment that will last for years, so it makes perfect sense to choose something that will not only suit your needs now, but also have the potential to adapt in the future. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a kitchen.

  • Choose a colour that you really love. Also think about what colours will go with your new wood choice. You are more likely to paint the walls than replace the whole kitchen, so choose something versatile.
  • Think about your appliances. You will need space for your oven, fridge etc. Think about where you want these to be in relation to each other.
  • Choose a kitchen that fits in with your existing décor. If you have real sleek and modern furniture, a kitchen along the same lines will work better.
  • Choose the right lighting. Many people like to have brighter lighting over prep areas, dining areas etc.
  • Think about what type of storage you need. Some people prefer to have a minimalist look, so make sure you have plenty of drawers and shelving. This will keep your countertops clear.
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